Needle Felted Napkin Rings

Needle Felted Napkin Rings

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 1/2 yd Wool felt
  • Clover items: Large Felting Needle Mat Felting Needle Tool Single Felting Needle
  • One cork
  • Serrated knife
  • Sharp pointed object, such as an awl
  • 2"x15"x17" High-density foam pad
  • Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn 1 skein each of: spice, cranberry, pumpkin, claret
  • 1 pkg Natural Wool Roving, Moss Green
  • Scissors
  • Marking pen
  • Cardstock


  1. Cut a 7"x2" piece of felt for each napkin ring.
  2. Cut the cork in half with serrated knife. Make a hole through the center of the cork half with a sharp pointed object. Pull out the sharp pointed object and insert a single felting needle into the hole. This creates a handle to hold onto when using the single felting needle. Follow manufacturer's instructions to prevent breaking needles.
  3. Create leaves by laying wool fibers crisscross over the foam pad in an area that measures 4"x4". Lay leaf pattern A on top of the fibers. Hold the leaf pattern with one hand and using the single felting needle, go around the leaf pattern with a straight up and down motion. Remove the leaf pattern. Fold over the fibers that extend beyond the outline and needle felt them to secure the fibers in place. Use the Clover Felting Needle tool to create the"felt" leaf, adding fibers as necessary. Try to maintain a leaf shape. Continue using the Clover Felting Needle tool and adding fibers until the desired thickness of the felt is achieved. Pull the piece up and away from the foam pad occasionally so fibers don't become too entwined in the foam. Turn over occasionally and use the needle felting tool on the back. Use the Felting Needle mat interchangeably with the foam pad to further lock in the fibers.
  4. When the desired thickness is achieved, remove the newly created felt piece and lay leaf pattern A on it. Trim with scissors where necessary to perfect the leaf shape. Use the Felting Needle tool to soften edges.
  5. Place the 7"x2" piece of felt on the foam mat. Cut a piece of yarn 10" long and separate it into two strands. Twist the yarn and use the Single Felting Needle to affix it down the center of the length of felt. Refer to photo. When secure, use the Clover Felting Needle tool to fix the yarn firmly into felt strip. Replace the foam pad with the Felting Needle Mat and continue needle felting until the desired look is achieved.
  6. Lay the 7"x2" felt piece on either the foam pad or Felting Needle Mat and place the leaf in the center. Using a single strand of yarn as a vein and stem, and using the single needle, affix yarn strand to the leaf. Then use the Felting Needle tool to fix strand securely. Turn over and needle felt it on the back as desired.
  7. Steam press back and front.