No-Sew Kindle Bag

No-Sew Kindle Bag

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  • Waverly® fabric – 10"x24"
  • 5/8" Stitch Witchery® tape
  • Two 30" pieces of cording
  • Iron & pressing surface
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


1. Measure and cut fabric 10"x24".
2. Cut Stitch Witchery®, two at 9" long and two at 20" long.
3. Fold the side edges to the back 5/8" and press.
4. Fold top and bottom edges to the back about 1-1/4" and press. Place 9" pieces of Stitch Witchery® near the raw edges and press forming a casing for the cord.
5. Fold piece in half wrong sides together, slip Stitch Witchery® tape in the two side edges from the fold to the casing and press to fuse together.
6. Thread both ends of one cord through each of the right side openings.
7. Repeat with the left side.
8. Place Kindle in finished bag.

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