No Sew Poncho

No Sew Poncho

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Simplicity

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  • 2-1/4 yards of 72" wide fuchsia felt
  • 1/8 yard of 72" wide deep purple felt
  • 1-1/4 yards deep plum ball fringe
  • 1" wide fusible web
  • Decorative metal clasp
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Thread to match clasp
  • Large scissors
  • Yardstick
  • Iron


  1. Cut the fuchsia felt into two pieces; one 53" long and one 28" long.
  2. Fold and pin each piece in half by bringing the long sides together. Find the center of the folded edge.
  3. Measure 25" from the center of the large piece of felt and make a small mark on the fabric. Working about 1" from your pencil mark, again measure 25" from the center. Repeat to mark a semicircle.
  4. Measure the child’s neck. Add 1" then divide the sum in half. Use this measurement to mark another semicircle on the felt. Cut out both circles. Slit one side of the fold.
  5. Repeat to cut a 12 ½" from the other piece of felt for the poncho overlay.
  6. Round the lower open edges of the poncho.
  7. Secure the poncho overlay to the poncho using small strips of fusible web. Follow the fusible web manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. Cut two 13" x 1" strips of the deep purple felt. Secure fusible web to each strip.
  9. Cut each strip into 1" squares. Cut each square in half diagonally.
  10. Position triangles around the outer edge of the poncho overlay. Fuse in place.
  11. Use the fusible web to attach the ball fringe to the inside lower edge of the poncho overlay.
  12. Hand stitch the metal closure to the neck edge.

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