Ombre Fire Necklace

Ombre Fire Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Swarovski
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  • Swarovski Elements™:
    6mm Bicone Mix, Reds (6 pkgs)
    6mm Bicone Mix, Earth (18 pkgs)
    Stringing wire (0.38mm)
    Crimp beads (12 pieces)
    6mm jump rings (4 pcs)
    End caps (2 pcs)
    Eye pins (2pcs)
    Crimp Tool
    Flush cutters
    Round nose pliers
    Chain nose pliers


1. Cut six 24" pieces of stringing wire. Thread a crimp bead onto one of the wires, then thread through the hole of the eye pin and back through the crimp bead. Pull snug and collapse the crimp with crimp tool or chain nose pliers. Trim excess wire. Repeat this with the other 5 wires all onto the same eye pin.
2. Begin stringing on bicones using 5-15 crystals in color blocks according to lay out design. When 60 crystals are on, loosely tie the end in a simple knot to hold on the crystals. Repeat this on the other 5 strands. (see note under tips below)
3. Add all of these wires to the other eye pin using crimp beads, making sure to pull string snug before crimping.
4. Thread eye pin through end cap. Bend the eye pin wire to a 45-degree angle making sure the loop is tight against the top inside of cap. Trim the eye pin wire to 1/4" then make a loop with needle nose pliers pulling the loop in very tight. Open a jump ring and attach to the loop. Attach another jump ring to that along with one end of the toggle. Close securely.
5. Repeat step 4 for the other end using the other end of the toggle to finish.

Project tips, notes, & techniques: Make sure the eye pin holes are closed tight to hold all of the wires on them. Layout the color blocking design before you start. Use about 60 crystals on each strand following the same pattern on each.