Over the Rainbow T-Shirt

Over the Rainbow T-Shirt

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Testor Corp.
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Additional Information

Supplies & Tools:
  • ColorArtz® Starter Kit: includes Atomic, Mango Tango, Blonde Ambition, Gremlin, Blue Suede Shoes & Purple People Eater Paint Pouches
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Drop cloth

Directions: Prepare a flat work surface with a drop cloth. If new to ColorArtz®, practice on a sample before beginning project, to get a feel for the airbrushing tool.

1. Lay T-shirt out flat, then wrinkle by sliding the sides of the shirt toward the middle of the shirt with a vertical accordion fold. The more wrinkles, the more natural white color of the shirt will be visible.

2. Begin spraying Atomic across the shirt. Follow with the colors of the rainbow: Mango Tango, Blonde Ambition, Gremlin, Blue Suede Shoes & Purple People Eater. The closer the airbrush, the darker the paint will appear; the farther away, the lighter the paint will appear.

3. Hold up the shirt to see that color is evenly distributed. Wrinkle and reapply as necessary.

4. Once the front is complete, allow to dry, then repeat the steps on the back. Allow to dry. No heat setting is required. Allow T-shirt dry at least 24 hours. Follow fabric manufacturer's washing instructions.

Airbrushing Tips :

  • If pouch stops spraying: open & close pouch valve a couple times to remove any dried paint. If the propellant becomes too cold to spray, allow can to come up to room temperature. Keep airbrush nozzle clean.
  • If pouch begins to drip: remove it, wipe airbrush clip & pouch nozzle with a paper towel, then reattach pouch.