Paisley Tissue Box

Paisley Tissue Box

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Delta
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  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint: Apple Green, Blueberry, Pop Pink, Red, Think Pink, Poppy Orange, White, Crocus Yellow, Dark Goldenrod, Sunbright Yellow, Light Foliage Green, Cricket, Tahiti Blue
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat Sealer
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat Satin Varnish
  • Wooden tissue box
  • Shader
  • #1 script liner
  • Stylus
  • 1" wash brush


  1. Lightly sand tissue box. Apply sealer.
  2. Basecoat the box with Apple Green.
  3. Trace main pattern lines. Pattern available at
  4. Basecoat outer edges of paisleys in Blueberry.
  5. Basecoat second ring on the largest paisley in Pop Pink. Float shadows to inside edge in Red. Float highlights on outer edge in Think Pink. Basecoat center in Poppy Orange. Create small flowers by pulling strokes with Think Pink and a touch of White. Using the stylus, dot centers of the flowers in Crocus Yellow. Create leaves by pulling small strokes in Tahiti Blue.
  6. Basecoat center of all small paisleys in Poppy Orange. Create stripes in centers of the small paisley with Crocus Yellow.
  7. Basecoat second ring of the medium paisley in Crocus Yellow. Float shadows to inner edge in Dark Goldenrod. Float highlights towards outer edge in Sunbright Yellow. Basecoat center in Pop Pink. Float shadows to outer edge in Red.
  8. Apply pattern for tulip on pink paint. Basecoat tulip and leaves in Apple Green. Float shadows at bottom of leaves and flower in Light Foliage Green. Float highlights at tops of flowers and leaves in Cricket.
  9. Basecoat all pink flowers in Think Pink. Float shadows at center of flowers in Pop Pink. Float highlights on outer edges of petals in White. Basecoat centers in Crocus Yellow. Float shadows in Dark Goldenrod and highlights in Sunbright Yellow.
  10. Basecoat yellow flowers and leaves in Crocus Yellow. Float shadows at bottoms of flowers and leaves in Dark Goldenrod. Float highlights at tops in Sunbright Yellow.
  11. Create divisions in the different areas of all paisleys in Tahiti Blue. Apply dots around small paisley in Tahiti Blue using a stylus. Line all flowers and leaves with Blueberry.
  12. Apply varnish.