Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information

  • DCWV™ The Summer Dream Stack
  • Flower patterns
  • 6-8 wood skewers
  • Wired twine
  • Metallic wire
  • Green paint
  • Seed beads
  • 1" pompoms
  • Fabric strips
  • Denim scraps
  • Cylindrical vase
  • Hot glue gun, glue sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrushes

DIRECTIONS: Paint each wood skewer green. Allow to dry.
CONEFLOWER: Flower Pattern 1
1. Trace & cut Flower Pattern 1 from The Summer Dream Stack.
2. Fold paper as directed. Bend paper into a conical shape. Adhere at folded crease to serve as a base for the petals.
3. Cut out a 2" circle to fit the inside cone.
4. Insert skewer into the center of the flower. Adhere with hot glue gun.
5. Cut 3/4"x12" & 1"x12" paper strips. Fold papers accordion style.
6. Glue pleated papers to the outer coneflower.
7. Wrap 3" wired twine around a skewer to create springy flower stamens.
8. Dip 1 wire into craft glue and seed beads. Adhere stamen to the center of the flower with a drop of hot glue.
9. Repeat directions for additional flowers.

TULIP: Flower Pattern 2
1. Trace and cut Flower Pattern 2 from The Summer Dream Stack. Make 6 petals from the pattern. The 2 petals with the dotted lines are not part of the pattern & can be trimmed out.
2. Create a conical shape with the flower and adhere together.
3. Glue a skewer 1" inside the flower.
4. Glue a pompom to the center of the flower.
5. Lightly bend each petal.

1. Trace and cut Flower Pattern 3 from The Summer Dream Stack. Make 3 flowers.
2. Bend along the dotted lines of petals to create depth.
3. Layer and adhere flowers in the center.
4. Pierce the center of flower and adhere skewer with hot glue.
5. Create flower center by bending metallic wire into a looped flower shape. Adhere to the center of the flower.
6. Created ruffled center by fraying strips of fabric and adhering to the center.
7. Curl petals by wrapping petals with a pencil.

1. Wrap, trim and adhere a print from The Summer Dream Stack around vase.
2. Adhere a strip of denim around the opening of vase.
3. Braid strips of denim to create a flower stem shape. Adhere to the front of the vase.
4. Create a paper flower from Flower Pattern 3. Adhere to the base.