Patriotic Decorative Hanger

Patriotic Decorative Hanger

Project Courtesy of: ColorBok
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  • Colorbok® items:
    • Red Star paper
    • Stars & Stripes single-sided paper
    • Clear rhinestone strips
  • White hanger
  • 2 scrap papers of choice
  • White cardstock, optional
  • 5/8" ribbon, 8" long
  • 1/4" ribbon, 6" long
  • 1/4" ribbon, 9" long
  • Paper trimmer or craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole punch
  • Tape
  • Pencil


Note: Directions are for a hanger center less than 5" tall, but wider than 12".

1. Trim one sheet of Red Star paper and one sheet of Stars & Stripes paper into 1" strips.
2. Trim the Red Star strips in half so that each measures 6"x1".
3. Tape two of the Stars and Stripes strips together, end to end, so that the combined strip measures 24"x1". Repeat 5 times.
4. Select one of the Red Star strips and one of the Stars and Stripes strips. Adhere the Stars and Stripes strip so that it is on top of the Red Star pattern, aligning with the bottom and left edge of the strip. It will look like a long "L" shape. Select a second Stars and Stripes strip, and adhere it on the bottom of the Red Star strip so that the bottom edge of it lines up with the top of the first strip. Repeat this step, alternating & adhering the Stars and Stripes strips to the top and then the bottom of the Red Star strip, until all 6 have been adhered. They should be adhered along the entire height of the Red Star strip.
5. Continue creating the weave by selecting another one of the Red Star strips, and begin weaving it in and out of the Stars and Stripes strips opposite of the first strip. Once it has been woven through each strip, gently nudge it over to the original strip to make sure that it fits in tightly. Repeat this step with each additional Red Star strip until the weave area is approximately 2" wider than the width of the hanger.
6. Place a small piece of double-sided tape behind each overlapping edge of the strips, then gently turn over and run a piece of tape along all 4 edges to secure the strips in place.
7. With the woven papers still pattern down, place the hanger on the papers so that the bottom edge lines up with one of the seams. Carefully fold over the bottom row at the seam so that it overlaps the hanger. Adhere the bottom edge to the back of the paper.
8. To wrap the top, it may be necessary to cut a strip where the neck of the hanger leads to the base. If it is, make the cut end where the base begins. With the pattern still facing down, fold one side of the top of the weave over the hanger. Adhere along the inside edge of the hanger to the back of the weave. Carefully trim off any excess paper that may hang over the bottom edge, then tape the edge down on the back to secure the ends. Repeat on the other side.
9. Complete wrapping the hanger by folding over the two ends of the paper weave. Adhere to the back of the hanger.
10. Create the hanging accents by cutting shapes out of paper. Use a pencil to draw the shape on the back of the cardstock. Hole punch at top and hang with 1/4" ribbon to neck of the hanger.
11. Embellish with rhinestones.
12. Complete the decorative hanger by adding a piece of ribbon tied at the top. Trim the edges of each of the ribbons to create a nice clean edge.