Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Springs Creative Products Group

Additional Information



  • Wreath form
  • Bandannas: Red, White, Royal Blue/Navy
  • Straight pins
  • Black zip ties or rubber bands
  • Mod Podge® (optional)
  • White stars
  • Craft glue


  1. Cut all the bandanas in half.
  2. Fold the bandanna inward to hide cut edges.
  3. Lay the wreath on top of it, gather the ends and hold it close to the wreath. Fold over any edges that show the wrong side of the bandana.
  4. Attach a zip tie as close to the wreath as possible. Cut off the excess. Continue doing alternating red and white bandannas until you have placed all thirteen stripes or as many to your liking.
  5. Then move to blue bandanas Cover the rest of the wreath using the same technique with the blue bandanas as with the stripes.
  6. OPTIONAL: Pour some white glue or Mod Podge® in a bowl and add some hot water. Mix with the glue in the bowl. Using the sponge brush, apply it to the outside edges of the wreath on the bandanas. This will keep the bandanas from drooping.
  7. Glue the stars over the blue bandannas in a random pattern.