Pearl and Czech Glass Bib Style Necklace

Pearl and Czech Glass Bib Style Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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  • 7" FP Round Clear Vitreal BD-25 beads
  • 7" Bd Strand FP Smoked Mix-25 8mm beads
  • 10mm Glass Pearls Bronze 7" Strand -29 beads
  • 4mm Cream Pearl-25 beads
  • 6mm Fire Polished Smoke glass bead-25 beads
  • 6mm Bronze Glass Pearl-25 beads
  • 8mm Cream Pearl-25 beads
  • 2" headpin Bright Silver-50 pcs
  • Silver Plated Chain
  • 1½" eyepin, silver-29 pcs
  • 6mm open jump ring, silver-2 pcs
  • Lobster Claw Silver 11mm
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Wire cutters


1. Begin by cutting the 4 lengths of chain that will become the base structure of the necklace. Cut them as follows:
a. 10" (1)
b. 11" (2)
c. 12" (3)
d. 13" (4)
Find the center on each piece of chain; this is where the first headpin will be placed to build the necklace up each side.
2. All of the beads and chains will be added in a certain order to make the necklace. It is as follows:
a. 4mm pearl
b. Chain strand #1
c. 6mm Czech Glass bead-smoke
d. Chain strand #2
e. 6mm Bronze glass pearl
f. Chain strand #3
g. 8mm Czech Glass bead-light brown/tan
h. Chain strand #4
i. 8mm Cream glass pearl
3. To do this, first string the 4mm pearl, then the headpin into the center link of chain #1, continue to add each bead and chain strand in order (in the center link of each chain strand). After the 8mm cream pearl, make a loop with the round nose pliers and trim off any excess headpin.
4. Continue this, one headpin at a time, until there are 12 up each side, for a total of 25 headpin bead sets. To space each headpin the proper distance from the previous, use the following count between links each time:
a. Chain #1- two chain links
b. Chain #2- three chain links
c. Chain #3- four chain links
d. Chain #4- five chain links
This will allow the curving effect to take shape, as well as leave enough room for the beads to sit next to one another as the size of the beads increase as they are added one by one on each headpin.
5. Next, make twenty-five 10mm Bronze pearl drops on headpins. Slide one bead per headpin, create a loop using the round nose pliers and then cut off any excess headpin. Connect one pearl drop per headpin bead set. Be sure to close the loops securely after attaching so the drops do not fall off.
6. Cut each of the 4 chain strands approximately 1" after the last headpin bead set. Make 4 eyepin links using one 8mm cream glass bead. Create a loop on the opposite side and cut off any excess eye pin. Take strands 1 and 2 together, and 3 and 4 together, hooking the chain ends into one of the loops of the eyepin link just created.
7. Next cut 4 strands of chain, 2 different lengths. The shorter strand will go on the inside of the necklace, to pull the curved shape tight. The length of these chains will depend on how long the necklace will be, so measure the front part first, and then decide how long to make each side to reach the desired length. Probably somewhere between 6-8" on each side for the chains.
8. To finish, connect the 2 chains from each side with a 6mm jump ring, and then connect a lobster claw to one of these, and use the other one to connect the lobster claw to when wearing the necklace.