Pearls and Swirls Necklace

Pearls and Swirls Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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Additional Information



  • 7" fresh water pearl strand
  • 7" fresh water pearl strand, champagne
  • 11mm bright silver lobster clasps 4pc/pkg
  • 4mm bright silver jump rings
  • 6-ft silver plated twist wire cable chain
  • Silver wire 16 gauge, 10yds/pkg
  • Silver wire 28 gauge, 40yds/pkg
  • Thing-A-Ma-JIG Kit
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer (optional)
  • Hammering block (optional)


1. Wrap the 16 gauge wire around the Thing-A-Ma-JIG to desired shape to create necklace frame and set aside. (Pearls and wire will be wrapped around this shape later). Make sure to create a “loop" shape at the top of the frame so a jump ring can be attached later.
Tip: Cut the wire with the wire cutters after creating the frame.
2. If desired, hammer the shape just created on the hammering block.
3. At the top of the frame, wrap the 28 gauge wire around the 16 gauge wire several times. Make sure the wraps are close together. String however many pearls on the wire that it will take to connect to the next point on the frame.
4. Continue to alternate between wrapping the wire around the frame and adding pearls to the wire, varying the size of the pearls that are used throughout, until there is no more space to add pearls.
Tip: At some points, the wire will need to be snipped with the wire cutters and a new spot on the frame begun.
5. Cut a length of chain for the necklace top to desired length, or between 20" and 24" to create a long necklace. Attach a lobster clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring, and a jump ring to the other end of the chain to create the closure.
Tip: To open a jump ring, grip the two ends of the jump ring with two pairs of pliers. Twist the ends in opposite directions, forward and back. Do not pull the edges apart, because it will weaken and misshapen the jump ring. To close the jump ring, simply twist the edges back together with the pliers.
6. Make a wrapped loop connector with a pearl to attach the pendant to the chain. To create the loop, cut a length of 28 gauge wire so that it is about 4" or 5" long. Grab the wire with chain nose pliers about an inch and a half away from the end, and bend so that it makes a 90? angle.
7. Grab the shorter end near the bend in between round nose pliers, and wrap the wire all the way around the barrel of the pliers. At this point, slide the loop onto the center point of the necklace chain. To finish the loop, grab the loop in between the chain nose pliers. Use round nose pliers or a hand to wrap the wire around the base wire as close to the bend as possible. After two or three wraps, cut the excess wire with wire cutters.
8. Slide a pearl onto the rest of the wire and, leaving 1/8" after the bead, bend the wire at a 90? angle. Repeat Step 7 to create the other loop of the connector, making sure to attach it to the pendant before wrapping the connector shut.