Pet Crate Cover

Pet Crate Cover

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Prym
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Additional Information



  • Sassy Dot PUL fabric for cover, bumper pads, pillow, shade lining
  • Pink EZ Adjust Tape™ – front shade tabs
  • Black cotton fabric - roll up tabs, cover buttons
  • Covered lip cord - 3/16' black
  • Cotton batting
  • Polyester fiberfil
  • Ribbon – 3/8' black, 2 yards
  • Size 45 covered buttons & elastic loops – 2 each
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


Note: size of crate will determine quantities of materials to purchase
Crate Fabric Measurements:
Front, front lining and back panels: length +1' by height + 1'- cut 3 PUL Panels
Top Panel: length + 1' by width + 1' - cut 1 PUL panel
Side Panels: length + 3' by height + 1' - cut 2 PUL panels
Bumper Pad Fabric Measurements:
Side + back + side lengths by 15' - cut 1 PUL & 1 batting piece (you may need to piece fabric and/or batting together for needed length)
Pillow Fabric Measurements:
Crate interior length by width plus 1' - cut 2 Sassy Dot PUL panels
Front Shade Tabs:
5'x12' - cut 2 black fabric pieces
Lip Cording:
Perimeter of the top panel, front panel and pillow panel

1/2' seam allowance
1. Stitch width edges of side panel to back panel, add other side to back, creating one piece.
2. Stitch lip cording to top panel on right side with raw edges aligned.
3. Stitch top panel to side/back/side panel, aligning seams with back corners of top, right sides together. Stitch the extra 3' of sides on front edge of top.
4. Stitch lip cording to PUL front panel on right side, raw edges aligned omitting it on top edge. With right sides together, stitch PUL lining panel to front PUL panel, leaving top edge unstitched. Trim corners and turn to right side through unstitched end.
5. With PUL sides together, stitch unstitched edge of front panel to cover top along front edge.
6. Fold shade tabs in half lengthwise and stitch on side and one end. Turn. Measure in 6' from front corners of top and stitch tabs. Trim all seams and turn cover to right side. Place cover on crate. When unrolled, tabs should be on underside of front panel.
7. Roll up front panel to desired height, adjust tab placement for shade, stitching hook tape to tabs and loop tape on top panel. Unroll shade, mark placement for cover buttons on cover and elastic loop closures on front panel. Follow package directions for covering buttons, then stitch buttons and loops in desired location.
8. For bumper pads, place batting on wrong side of PUL, pin. Fold in half lengthwise with PUL right sides together. Stitch around leaving one end unstitched. Remove pins, trim seams and turn through open end. Batting will now be on inside of bumper pad. Fold opening seams to inside and topstitch around, stitching opening closed. Place in crate to mark for ties and stitch ribbon ties to bumper pad in desired location.
9. For pillow, stitch lip cording on right side of 1 PUL panel, aligning raw edges. Place other PUL panel, right side together, on corded panel and stitch around leaving about a 4' opening for turning and stuffing. Trim corners, turn to right side and stuff with Fiberfil. Stitch opening closed.