Photo Frame Fun

Photo Frame Fun

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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  • Square Frame:
    Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint –Gecko, Tangerine, Territorial Beige, Tahiti Blue, Bright Red
    Delta Stencil Mania Cutie Bugs
    Wooden square frame
    Craft sticks
    7mm wiggle eyes
    10mm wiggle eyes
    1-1/4" Spouncer
    Stencil brush
    #12 flat brush
    Craft glue
  • Door Hanger Frame:
    Delta Acrylic Paint –Laguna Blue, White, Black, Passion
    Delta Stencil –Stencil Mania Fat Caps
    Wooden door hanger
    Four clothespins
    Three 1-1/2" discs
    5-3/8"x2-5/8" wooden rectangle
    Assorted rhinestones,
    #8 & #12 flat brushes
    Stencil brush
    Craft glue


Allow glue and paint to dry between steps.

Square frame
1. Glue four craft sticks to each side of frame as shown in photo
2. Basecoat the frame and craft sticks with Territorial Beige.
3. Paint the tops of the craft sticks with Gecko.
4. Stencil the worm in Tangerine, the snake and spider in Tahiti Blue, the ladybug in Bright Red. Stencil the words in Territorial Beige.
5. Make the large dots in Bright Red and Tangerine using the Spouncer.
6. Add Tahiti Blue dots using the end of the Spouncer.
7. Glue wiggle eyes to bugs.

Door hanger frame
1. Use Passion to paint a neckline below the opening of door hanger; use Passion to paint below the neckline. Paint the tips of the clothespins Passion.
2. Paint the three discs and the rectangle with Tahiti Blue.
3. Paint the hair around the opening in black.
4. Stencil “MY BFF" on the disc and the door hanger in white.
5. Glue the clothespin legs to the bottom of the door hanger.
6. Place the legs in the center of the rectangle and lightly mark where the legs will go. Paint two black teardrops for feet.
7. Glue the discs, rhinestones and legs in place. Clip the clothespin arms in place.