Photo Ledge DIY

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Photo Ledge DIY

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: A Beautiful Mess® and Canon USA®

Additional Information



  • 2.5" x .75" board
  • 1" x .75" board
  • 1.5" x .5" board
  • Jigsaw, chop saw, or have the nice people at the lumber store cut it to size for you!
  • 1" nails
  • 1.25" wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • Small clamps
  • Drill
  • Keyhole hanger
  • Paint
  • Canon PIXMA Printer


  1. Measure how long you want your ledge to be and cut all three of your board sizes to that exact length.
  2. Create the back and bottom of your photo ledge, glue and clamp the side of the 1" x .75" board to the edge of the 2.5" x .75"  board. Allow the glue to set a few minutes.
  3. Use some wood screws to securely attach the smaller board to the larger one through the back of the larger board. This back side is also the back side of your ledge, so the screw heads won't show when done.
  4. Use more glue and clamps to clamp the edge of the 1.5" x .5" board onto the other open side of the 1" x .75" board. Allow the glue to set for a few minutes.
  5. Once the glue is set, remove the clamps and drive a few small nails into the edge of the board to keep the front board secure.
  6. Attach some keyhole hangers onto the back of your ledge for hanging, and paint or stain your boards whatever color you choose. Now you're ready to hang and add your photos!