Pillowcase Dress

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Pillowcase Dress

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Traditions
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Additional Information



Two Creating New Traditions Fabrics - to be determined by size. See Chart below.
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing Machine
Safety Pin
Iron and pressing surface
Use the chart below for the width of the dress.   Cut 2 Pcs. (the width x length measurement)
For the length of, measure from the nape of the neck to desired length then subtract 2” for the band.
Dress Front and Back:
Size     4-5 6-7 8/10
Cut 2 Pcs. 21” 22” 23”
Contrast Band:  
Cut 2 Pcs - width of Dress x 7”
Cut 2 Pcs – 2” x 30”
1. Fold the front rectangle in half.  Measure 10” from fold to outer edge.  Measure down from top corner 6”.  Draw a line attaching the points and cut corner off.  Repeat with back rectangle.  
2. Narrow hem the angled edges by folding 1/4” and then 1/4” again to back of fabric.  Press and stitch close to pressed edge.
3. To make the casing fold the top edges of the dress 1/4” and then 1” to the back. Press and stitch close to pressed edges.
4. With right sides together stitch the front and back of dress together.   
5. With right sides together stitch the front and back band together.   
6. Fold the band in half, with wrong side’s together, lining up the raw edges.  Baste around the raw edges.
7. Turn the dress right side out.
8. Place the band on the outside of the lower edge of the dress, lining up the raw edges of the dress with the raw edges of the band.  Stitch all around the band and press.   
9. To make the strap stitch the 2 pieces together on one short edge.   Fold this long piece in half lengthwise and stitch on all 3 sides leaving a 3” opening in the center for turning.  Turn and press.  
10. Attach a safety pin on one end of strap and weave through the front and back casing.  After trying the dress on stitch through the ends of casing to keep the strap in place.