Pink and Red Necklace

Pink and Red Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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  • Ruby red crackle natural beads
  • Oval beads strand hot pink rhinestone sliders
  • Fire pol. 6mm crystal dk. blue/purple 7" str.
  • Metal toggle silver rope 18mm
  • 18mm lobster clasp bright silver
  • 7mm jump ring bright silver 36 pc
  • Steel chain silver plated 6 ft
  • Steel chain silver plated 6 ft
  • Twist wire chain silver plated 6 ft
  • 8x5mm round corrugated bd. bright silver 16 pc
  • 30mm nickel free hoops silver plated 1 pr
  • 28 pc spacer beads Heishi, silver 15x5mm
  • 288 pc bv 4mm jump ring bright silver
  • 7 strand silver beading wire nylon coated
  • 2mm silver crimp tube
  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Crimp tool


Cut an 18" piece of the large cable chain. Attach (1) 7mm jump ring to each end of the chain. Do this by opening the jump ring using flat nose pliers to twist open the jump ring at the seam, hook the jump ring into the last link of chain, and secure the jump ring closed using the flat nose pliers again. Repeat to other side of chain, only before closing the jump ring, slide the 18mm lobster claw in the right as well.
2. Cut the following lengths and amounts of the same large cable chain to begin making the tassel drops:
    a. (2) 3 links
    b. (2) 4 links
    c. (2) 5 links
    d. (2) 6 links
    e. (2) 7 links
    f. (2) 8 links
    g. (4) 9 links
    h. (1) 10 link
Set these pieces of chain aside for now.
3. Next, make (17) pink fire polished bead links. To do this, take one bead and slide it onto the open end of the eye pin. Using a finger, bend the eye pin to make a 90 degree angle right at the top of the bead. Trim off the excess eye pin using wire cutters, leaving only 1/4". Take round nose pliers and grab the end of the eye pin and roll it around to form a loop, making sure the end it tight to the top of the bead. Repeat for all 17 bead links. Set aside after.
4. Make (17) Ruby Red natural bead links next in the following bead combinations:
    a. (2) 1 red bead, 2 silver Heishi
    b. (4) 2 red bead, 2 silver Jeishi
    c. (6) 3 red bead, 2 silver Heishi
    d. (4) 4 red bead, 2 silver Heishi
    e. (1) 5 red bead, 2 silver Heishi
Use the same technique as the pink bead links to create all of these bead links.
5. Connect one pink link to one red bead link by opening the eye pin loop created and hooking in the other links loop. Close securely making sure the end of the loop meets the top of the bead. This will ensure that no bead links come apart on your necklace. Repeat this for all pink and red bead links.
6. Lay out the pink and red bead link sets in order of shortest to longest, and then back to shortest again, beginning to create the shape of the “V" in the fringe. Take the cut chains from step 3 and match up the shortest chains with the shortest bead link sets. For example, the 3 link chain goes with the 1 red bead link set. Continue to match the chains and links together. The longest center piece should be the 10 link chain with the 5 red bead link set. Now connect each chain to the pink end of the bead link sets by opening the loop on the top of the pink bead, sliding in one end of the chain piece, and closing the loop to secure the chain is attached. Repeat for the remaining 16 bead link sets and chain. Keep them with the correct length chain and bead set.
7. Cut (34) 1-1/2" pieces of small cable chain. Using a 4mm jump ring, take 2 chain pieces, slide them onto an opened jump ring, and then connect the jump ring to the bottom of one of the chain and bead link sets you created in step 7. Repeat this for the remaining 16 chain and bead link pieces. This is creating the fringe look on the bottom of the necklace. Lay out all bead and chain combinations you have made again in order of shortest to longest, and back to shortest.
8. Find the center of the necklace chain and take the longest chain, bead link set and connect it to this center link using another 4mm jump ring. Close the jump ring so the chain and bead link set is hanging from the necklace chain. Take the next long chain and bead link set and connect it the same way to the necklace chain, only moving to the right 2 links on the necklace chain. Use this same 2 link spacing to continue connecting all chain and bead link sets up the right side. Repeat for all chain and bead links up the left side as well.