Pink Camo Zipper Headband

Pink Camo Zipper Headband

Project Courtesy of: Coats & Clark
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  • Coats & Clark® products:
    24" Fashion separating zipper, pink camo or white & black dot
    Dual Duty XP® General Purpose thread
  • Fabric-covered headband, 3/8" wide
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun & glue sticks, optional


1. Separate the zipper. Cut a 12" piece of the remaining zipper with the end and slider. Set the 12" piece aside. Be careful not to let the slider slide off the cut end.
2. Using the zipper side without the slider, start at the left end of the headband and wrap the zipper around the end to secure. Wrap in a spiral fashion to the other end of the headband. Depending on the size of the headband, it may be necessary to use the cut piece of zipper without the slider to completely cover the band. Cut any excess zipper, leaving enough to tuck under the last wrap. Thread a hand sewing needle and double the thread. Hand sew the zipper to the headband on the underside of the headband.
3. Using the 12" cut piece, sew a line of running stitches by hand along the edge of the zipper tape, pulling up the stitches to gather as you sew. When the zipper gathers to make a full circle, tack the end behind the right side. Continue to sew running stitches and gather the remaining length. Secure the plasticized end behind the final ruffle with a few stitches.
4. Arrange the ruffled zipper and sew a few hand stitches to hold in place. Sew the rosette to the headband at a perky angle.

A plastic headband may be used instead of a fabric-covered band. If using a plastic band, in Step 2, glue the zipper in place as it is wrapped around the band.