Pizza Table Sign

Pizza Table Sign

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  • Disney® Craft:
    • 1 package of large Mickey Mouse felt silhouettes
    • 1 package of large Mickey Mouse chalk silhouettes
    • 1 package of laminated burlap sheets
    • 1 sheet of black craft paper
    • Hot glue gun & glue
    • 1 yellow pom-pom
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Hot glue gun and glue stick


    1. Cut laminated burlap sheet to measure 8-1/2"x7".
    2. Cut black craft paper to measure 7-1/2"x 6". Use the hot glue gun to attach the paper to the center of the burlap sheet.
    3. Peel and stick the Mickey Mouse shape to the center of the black paper.
    4. Cut a 4" circle from one large chalkboard Mickey Mouse shape, peel and stick the circle to the center of the felt Mickey Mouse shape.
    5. Attach the yellow pom-pom to the corner of the black craft paper using the hot glue gun.

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