Pockets of Paisleys Apron

Pockets of Paisleys Apron

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Editions
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Additional Information



  • One 5-pc Fabric Central Sassy Quarters bundle
  • 2 yds 7/8" lace
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat & acrylic ruler
  • Iron & ironing surface
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise noted.


  • Fabric A: one 18"x21"apron skirt
  • Fabric B: three 3"x21"apron skirt borders; three 3"x10-1/2" top border apron bib
  • Fabric C: two 101/2"squares apron bib
  • Fabric D: four 4-1/2"x21"waistband
  • Fabric E: two 3-1/2"x21"neck straps; two 10-1/2" squares appliques


  1. Position Fabric A with the 18" at sides, 21" at top & bottom. Pin & sew one 3"x21" Fabric B strip at bottom of Fabric A. Use a zigzag stitch on raw edges of seams to prevent fraying. Press seam toward Fabric A; trim edges. Pin & sew remaining 3"x21" Fabric B strips sides; press seams toward Fabric A. Trim edges (Diagram 1).
  2. Right sides together, fold apron skirt in half (Diagram 2). Place mark at apron side & bottom 2" from lower right corner. Draw curved line connecting marks; cut on the drawn line.
  3. Right side of apron facing up, pin straight edge of lace even with sides & bottom. Sew in place and press.
  4. Pockets: place two 10-1/2" Fabric E squares right sides together. Pin the 2 paisley templates on top of Fabric E; cut around shapes (Diagram 3). Remove template, pin again & sew pieces together leaving 3-1/2" opening for turning. Clip point, inside and outside curves, turn to right side through opening; press. Repeat for 2nd paisley pocket. Position pockets on apron front (Diagram 4). Sewing close to the edge of the pocket, stitch pocket to apron leaving opening at the top as marked on the template.
  5. Baste top edge of apron and gather to measure 19".
  6. Apron bib: pin & sew 3"x10-1/2" Fabric B strip to one side of a Fabric C piece; press. Repeat using remaining Fabric B and C pieces.
  7. With one Fabric B/C facing up & Fabric B strip positioned at the top, mark 1" from each top corner. Using ruler, draw line from each lower corner to mark (Diagram 5). Cut on drawn line. Repeat for remaining Fabric B/C bib pieces.
  8. Neck straps: Fold one Fabric E strip in half lengthwise, right sides together and pin. Sew along one short end and raw edge of long side. Clip corners, turn to right side through opening and press. Repeat using remaining Fabric E strips.
  9. Position one Fabric B/C piece right side facing up with the Fabric B border at the top. Place raw edge of each neck strap 1/2" from side, even with raw edge of Fabric B border. Baste strap in place. Place remaining Fabric B/C piece wrong side facing up. Pin & sew together at sides and top only. Clip corners, turn to right side through opening; press (Diagram 6).
  10. Wrong side of apron skirt facing up, center raw edge of bib with raw edge of apron; baste in place (Diagram 7).
  11. Waistband: Sew Fabric D strips end-to-end to make 1 long strip. Press seams in 1 direction. Wrong sides together, fold strip in half lengthwise; press. Open strip, fold 2 short ends to wrong side 1/2"; press. Fold long edges to center crease; press. Fold in half again lengthwise; press firmly (Diagram 8).
  12. Wrong side of apron skirt facing up, center raw edges of skirt & bib at crease of waistband. Fold waistband over raw edges. Flip apron bib up; pin in place at top of waistband. Right side of apron facing up, sew 1/8" from edge & around all sides of waistband (Diagram 9).