Ponytail Holder & Earrings

Ponytail Holder & Earrings

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fiskars
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  • Coats® Fashion Zipper: closed end, 7", white with black dots (1 per flower)
  • Dual Duty XP® general purpose thread, white
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Ponytail elastic band
  • 2 earwires
  • 2 jump rings
  • 2 rings, 1/2"
  • 7" zipper with metal teeth
  • Needle-nose pliers


Ponytail Holder
1. Remove the bottom stop from zippers. Tip: A staple remover makes this easy. Unzip zipper and set aside zipper pull.
2. Using one side of the zipper, form a bow by bending the tape to form each loop, crossing the ends of the zipper tape in an ‘X’. Adjust the size of each loop to make them uniform. Take a few hand stitches where the tape crosses to secure.
3. Handsew a running stitch along the edge of the other zipper tape (opposite the teeth). Pull threads to gather the tape into a tight circle. Tuck the ends of the zipper tape to the back. Take a few hand stitches across center to secure.
4. Place the circle in the center of the bow and sew through all layers to secure. Place the zipper pull in the center and sew a few hand stitches through the center of the bow and through the slider of the zipper to hold in place.
5. Sew the pony tail elastic to the back of the bow securely.

1. Remove the bottom stop on the zipper. Remove the slide. Separate the 2 halves. Trim the ends close to the stops. Pink along the tape close to the teeth. If you use a regular scissors, use a fray stop liquid to keep the edges from raveling. Cut the trimmed piece in half.
2. Handstitch the ends together to form a loop.
3. Using a jump ring, join the zipper loop to the 1/2" ring. Connect the earwire to the 1/2" ring opposite the zipper loop. Repeat for the second earring.