Pop of Pink Jewelry Ensemble

Pop of Pink Jewelry Ensemble

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Advantus/Sulyn
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  • 3 Advantus/Sulyn 7 in. Bright Discs Resin Beads Strands – Pop Pinks (SUL51767 UPC 717968517678)
  • 1 Jewelry Fundamentals Acrylic Beads Tube - Metallic Gold (SUL14575 UPC 717968161765)
  • 1 Advantus/Sulyn Multi Chain Necklace Kit – Lacquered Brass Finish (SUL52256 UPC717968522566)
  • 1 Advantus/Sulyn Earring Multi Kit – Lacquered Brass Finish (SUL52259 UPC 717968522597)
  • Stretch Cord
  • Gold Finish Headpins
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers (Needlenose & Roundnose)
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler




  1. Create 15 wire wrapped charms (5 in each color) by sliding a Metallic Gold bead on a headpin followed by a Bright Disc bead.
  2. Separated by color, attach the wire wrapped charms to each chain starting from the center and attaching charms 1 ½ in. from each other.
  3. Adjust length of chains using wire cutters accordingly: large link chain with fuchsia charms to 17 ½ in; medium link chain with orange charms to 16 ½ in; fine link chain with pink charms to 15 ½ in.
  4. Attach clasps.



  1. For each earring, make a wire wrapped loop charm using an eyepin and a Bright Disc bead.
  2. Using the Metallic Gold beads make 3 wire wrapped loop charms and attach to Bright Disc bead.
  3. Attach to earwire.



  1. Cut 12 in. of stretch cord.
  2. Using the remaining Bright Disc beads, string them onto the stretch cord adding desired amount of Metallic Gold beads in-between larger beads.
  3. Tie a surgeons knot, trim excess cord, and secure with a dab of glue.