Printed Denim Jeans and Stamped Scarf

Printed Denim Jeans and Stamped Scarf

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • McCall’s® pattern #6610
  • Fabric: follow pattern envelope
  • Lace: 2-1/2 yds of 1-1/2" lace
  • 1 pkg. of bias tape piping
  • 9" zipper
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron & pressing surface


Use pattern directions in pattern envelope with the exception of the following:
1. Sew lace onto the back side seam before putting waistband on and sewing side seam.
2. After sewing lace sew piping on top of lace at the 5/8" seam allowance.
3. Complete garment as instructed on pattern insert.

Wire Bangle Layered Batik Bracelets


  • Thick aluminum jewelry wire
  • Beads: various colors & textures
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Ruler


1. Measure wrist.
2. Cut the wire 2" longer than wrist measurement.
3. String beads in random order long enough to comfortably wrap around wrist.
4. Loop ends and bend to fit wrist.

Stamped Scarf


  • 2 yd natural color linen fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Black dye
  • Bucket
  • Skirt hanger
  • 1 sheet 6mm craft foam
  • 1 sheet Adhesive backed craft foam
  • Tulip Soft fabric paint – assorted colors
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic table covering
  • X-Acto® Knife
  • Iron, press cloth & pressing surface


1. Wash, dry and iron fabric.
2. Tear off one selvedge edge. Measure 14" from the torn edge, make a small cut and tear the fabric making a 72"x14" wide fabric strip. There will be enough fabric left to make two more scarves if desired.
3. Cut the short ends along the grain and pull a few threads to make a short fringe.
4. Prepare dye in bucket according to package directions. Clip one end of the scarf to the skirt hanger.
5. To get an ombre effect, dip the scarf into the dye, leaving 18" to 24" of fabric attached to the hanger out of the dye. After a couple minutes, lift the fabric partially out of the dye, leaving about 36" in the dye. After about 20 minutes, lift it out further, leaving about 24" in the dye. After about an hour, leave only about 12" in the dye and allow to sit in the dye for 3 to 4 hours. Timing and length of fabric in the bucket is not critical; it is just important to pull out the fabric in steps so the dye has a chance to gradually be more concentrated the longer it soaks in the dye.
6. When dyeing is complete, rinse the fabric thoroughly then wash it in soap and water to remove excess dye. Allow to dry and iron fabric.
7. While fabric is dyeing, prepare the printing blocks. Cut two identical geometric shapes out of the adhesive backed craft foam. Peel the paper backing off one piece and adhere it to the other, stacking one on top of the other. Peel the backing off the stacked piece and stick it to the 6mm craft foam. Cut the 6mm craft foam out away from the stacked pieces. The 6mm craft foam portion will be the handle for the printing block. Make multiple blocks of different shapes to form the finished design.
8. Place a little bit of paint on a paper plate then dab the printing block in the paint then on the plate to get a thin layer of paint on the block.
9. When the fabric is ready, place it on the table covering. Plan the design and begin printing. Wash the blocks in soap and water when finished printing. The paint will wash out while it is still wet. Once dry it is permanent.
10. Print until the design is completed. Allow to thoroughly dry then iron using a press cloth.