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Project Runway Threads: Episode 2, Grace Look 1 (Winner)

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Fashion-obsessed Grace started cultivating her style sense from a very young age. Now at 15, Grace has a distinct style preferring feminine fabrics and flirty dresses, very reminiscent of her favorite designer, Dior. 

This New York inspired fashion statement is feminine, sleek and chic. The stylish city-skyline emebllishment catches the runway light making this a show stopping look. 

A simple trick to add interest to a garment is to apply embellishment. Grace added details to her dress and the dress instantly went from fashion to fantastic!

  • Dabble in embellishment by adding buttons to a garment for a 3 dimensional pop.
  • Add lace or fringe to a top or skirt for a unique and trendy statement.
  • Create an applique peice in a complimentary fabric and glue or topstich for a more personal look.




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