Purple Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Purple Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 2 strands 12" matte-purple beads
  • 2 strands Jet flat oval glass beads
  • 1 strand Jet glass 10mm bicone
  • 2 strands deep purple 7" strung crackle beads
  • 1 strand 7" blue/black stone cube beads
  • 1 strand 7" purple/black collage beads
  • 1 strand silver beads
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Basic jewelry making kit
  • Simplicity headband décor black flowers
  • 1 Beadalon clack bead stringing wire .018" by 30ft
  • Hot glue gun


1. Cut 3 strand of wire one 16", 17" and 18".
2. Create a small, 1/8" in diameter loop at one end of each of the wires, clamp down on the loops with crimp tubes.
3. Begin to bead the smallest length wire with all matte purple beads. Make another small loop, at the end of wire, and clamp down with another crimp tube.
4. On the middle length wire, bead the blue/black cubed bead first, then the oval bead, a blue/black bead and then a purple/black round bead. Repeat to end of wire and finish as in step 3.
5. On longest wire, begin to bead with a silver bead, then two deep purple beads, a jet glass bead and then two more deep purple beads. Repeat to end of wire and finish as in step 3.
6. Attach one end of each wire length to a jump ring. Connect jump ring to one side of closure.
7. With another jump ring, attach the other wire ends along with the other closure end for the necklace.
8. Glue one flower to an oval shaped bead on the necklace, in desired area.

1. Place an oval bead onto a pin. Cut the extra pin length off leaving about 1/4" above the bead. With pliers, bend the 1/4" wire into an almost closed loop.
2. Feed an earring finding into the loop and close the loop.
3. Repeat for other earring.

1. Measure wrist and add two inches to measurement and cut wire to that length.
2. Make a loop on one end of the wire, with one closure piece in the loop, and close off with a crimp tube.
3. Bead with remaining beads left over from the necklace and earrings. Close off with another loop and closure piece, using the crimp tube.