Quilting Growth Chart

Quilting Growth Chart

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Additional Information


•    2-1/4 yds. of 45” bird print fabric
•    2-1/4 yds. of 45” stripe fabric
•    2-1/4 yds. of 45” quilted fabric
•    Fabric paint (pencil type)
•    1 pkg. of piping
•    2 pkg. decorative buttons
•    Stitch Witchery
•    Basic sewing supplies
•    Sewing machine
•    Glue

1.    All seams are 5/8” unless noted otherwise.
2.    Cut 2 pieces (1 of bird print and 1 quilted) 2-1/4 yds. length X 13” wide for Growth Chart. 
3.    Cut numbers 1 through 6 out of stripe fabric. Back with Stitch Witchery using instructions on paper insert.
4.    Cut one strip 2-1/4 yds. in length X 3-1/2 ” wide of stripe fabric. Turn under seam allowances on both sides and press. Sew one side strip to growth chart and insert piping on other side and sew to Bird print.
5.    With right sides together, sew quilted and bird print together leaving the top open, turn. Sew top closed.
6.    Measure from the bottom up 1 ft. and press the #1 to chart. Continue placing numbers 1 ft. apart up to #6. Press numbers on to Growth Chart.
7.    Use fabric paint to outline numbers and to mark 1/4 ’, 1/2’, 3/4’ between each number.
8.    Glue decorative buttons into place where desired.