Red Necklace with Chinese Coins

Red Necklace with Chinese Coins

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads/Westrim Crafts
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Courtesyflue Moon


14-ediamond raku beadsBM74937-LE-008

30-6mmoundaux coraleads #BM95679-LE-008
24- smallhineseoinsharmsBM72757-PE-054
4-large Chineseoinsharms #BM72767-PE-054
24 gold tigerail
1-burnished goldobsterlasp #BM82598-PE-003
2-burnishedold crimp beads
36-burnished gold 6mm jumpings BM82678-PE-003
15-burnished gold 4mm jumpingsBM82678-PE-003

1. Cut 24ength of tigerail.
2. Start to string necklace components in the following order:

(two 6mmoundaux coral beads, one diamonded raku bead) 3 times,
(6mm round fauxoral bead, 4mm burnished goldump ring, 6mmoundaux
coral bead, diamond redaku bead) 9 times,twomm roundaux coral
beads, one diamond redaku bead) x 2imes,wo 6mm roundaux coral
3. Attachire endso a lobster clasp usingrimp beads.
4. Trim excessigerail.
5. Attachhreearge Chineseoin charmso 4mmump rings.
6. Attach 6mmump ringso 4mmump ringsrom the previoustep.
7. Connect all three coinso the 4mmump ring on theiddle of necklace.
8. Make ahain piece usinghree 4mmump rings. Use this pieceo attach one
more Chinese coin to thether, whichasolen theottom.
9. Attachmm jumpings to eachf 24 small Chinese coins.

10. Attach everyhreemall Chineseoin charms to each of eight 4mm jump rings
whichelong to theecklacesingmm jumping: open 6mm jump ring,
string three 6mmump ringsith attached charms, passhrough 4mm jump

ring and close it.
Skillevel:omexperience helpful
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