Red Raku Bead Earrings on Chain

Red Raku Bead Earrings on Chain

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads/Westrim Crafts
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Courtesyflue Moon
Beads/Westrim Crafts


22-6mmedaku beads#M74847-LE-008

2-medium oval redakueadsBM74967-LE-008
2-burnishedilver eariresBM82618-PE-003
3 of burnishedilverhain #BM82638-PE-003
20- burnishedilver eye pins #BM11130-PE-053


1. Cut two pieces of chain whichonsist 9 oval links each.
NOTE: cut chainn theiddle of flat links.
2. String 6mm roundedakuead on anye pin. Make a plainoopbove,

ensuringhat this bead unit is connected to a middle (fifth)hainink before
3. Repeat stepsiximes. Attachinghree beadsrom each side of central one.
4. String medium oval redaku bead on an eye pin. Make a plain loop above,

ensuringhat this bead unit is connectedo an earire.
5. String twommedound raku beadsn an eyein.akelain loop ensuring
that this bead unit is connected to the edge chainink.
6. Repeat step 5or the other side of earring.

7. Attach bothead units from stepsnd to theottom loop of oval redaku


5. Repeat steps-7 to make aecond earring.

Redakueadarrings onhain

Skillevel:omexperience helpful
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