Reusable Microwave Cooking Bag

Reusable Microwave Cooking Bag

Project Courtesy of: Warm Company
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  • 2/3 yd cotton quilting fabric
  • 1/3 yd Warm Tater cotton
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine

RS = Right side(s), WS = Wrong side(s)

Warm Tater cotton: 22"x11"
Quilting fabric: two 22"x11" pieces. NOTE: Measure inside dimensions of microwave. Adjust the dimensions so finished bag fits at least one full inch from microwave walls & door.

1. Place the Warm Tater cotton between the two layers of quilting fabric, RS out. Quilt or tack layers together, leaving no more than 5" open. Zigzag stitch around edges.
2. Hem the 11" ends by folding the fabric to the inside 1/2" and sewing it down with a straight stitch.
3. Fold the fabrics into a 10" square WS out with the hems centered and 1" overlap.
4. Pin and sew all sides with a straight stitch and 1/2" seam allowance.
5. Turn RS out. Machine wash cold water and dry in warm dryer before use. Enjoy!

COOKING TIMES: Based on an 1100 watt microwave with turntable. CAUTION: Do not leave unattended. If microwave has a turntable, potato bag must freely rotate to avoid scorching or risk of fire.
No turntable? Turn bag over at midpoint of cook time.
Wash vegetables. Drying is not necessary; the moisture aids in cooking.

1 pkg Tortillas = 30 seconds
3 medium rolls = 20 seconds
2 large ears of corn on the cob = 6 minutes
2 medium sweet potatoes = 10 minutes
2 large redskin or russet potatoes = 8 minutes