Ribbed Cuff Sock

Ribbed Cuff Sock

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Authentic Knitting Board
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Additional Information



  • KB Sock Loom Kit: DVD, instructions, knit hook
  • 1 Skein, Lion Brand Sock Ease Yarn: DK weight

DIRECTIONS: Read instructions and refer to all information on DVD in KB Sock Loom Kit.

1. Cast on stitches using e-wrap method based on size desired. Sample uses 52 pegs for a 8 1/2"-width around ball of foot. See the KB Sock Loom instructions to learn how to measure for correct size. The loom is adjustable for the amount of pegs to be used. The cast on consists of 2 rows of e-wrap working in clockwise direction. The beginning stitch is peg adjacent to center slider.

2. Work the Cuff in Rib pattern with 2 flat stitches and 2 purl stitches and repeat until you have 2" cuff.

3. Work in Flat stitch for 6" to create the leg of sock. All stitches are demonstrated on DVD.

4. Begin heel of sock using 'Short Row Method" on 1/2 of the pegs being used for the sock. In this sample, that would be 26 pegs, or one short side and one long side of loom.

5. Start with beginning peg. Work the 26 pegs in clockwise direction. Work pegs with wrap technique until 8 pegs are wrapped, 9 pegs unwrapped for center of heel and 8 pegs wrapped. View the wrap technique on the Sock Loom DVD. The heel is 1/2 complete. Continue short rows in reverse until all pegs have one strand or loop. Once heel is complete continue working the foot of the sock.

6. Continue working, using all pegs, with the Flat Stitch for the foot of sock, depending on length desired.

Measure foot length, back of heel to tip of toe; then subtract 2" for amount of inches to complete.

7. Create the toe of sock by repeating the same process as for heel. Start on beginning peg to keep toe aligned with heel. Bind off. Use large sewing needle with the working yarn to sew the opening of toe. Pick up all edge stitches and close with a whip stitch for a smooth flat finish.