Ribbon-Wrapped Vase

Ribbon-Wrapped Vase

Additional Information


  • 2 1/2"-wide floral ribbon
    4 yds Ribbon A
    4 yds Ribbon B
  • 10" cylinder vase
  • 1 bunch holiday stems
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

1. Cut ribbon into 2-yd lengths.

2. Put a twist in the middle of one length of Ribbon A, placing it at the back lower edge of the vase. Bring the ends to the front of the vase; twist them together, then bring them to the back & twist again. Ribbon should slightly overlap itself as it wraps the vase. Bring ribbon ends to the front of the vase & knot or tie a small bow with short tails. Trim the tails.

3. Repeat with other lengths of ribbon, placed on the vase just above the first ribbon, alternating Ribbon A with Ribbon B, until the entire vase is wrapped.

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