Romper Beach Cover-up

Romper Beach Cover-up

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Traditions
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Additional Information


Halter Top Romper


  • 54" shirred cotton or rayon dress fabric; Note: Measure before purchasing yardage. Measure hips at the fullest point. Add 12" to 15" to determine the amount needed in inches.
  • Boxer or pajama shorts pattern
  • 1 yd. of 1/4" elastic
  • 2-1/4 yds. Cording to match fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Fabric marking pen or chalk marker



1. Follow steps 2 through 7 to cut the romper.

2. Cut out the pattern for the shorts. Draw 2 lines in the center of the front and the back pattern pieces 2" apart and parallel to the grain line of the pieces. Fold the patterns so the lines match to make a pleat. Tape the pleats in place.

3. Tape the front and back pattern pieces together along the side seam line (overlap 1 1/4" for pattern with 5/8" seam allowance). Fold down the top edge 5/8" above the waistline marking on the pattern piece, if necessary.

4. Place the pattern piece on the fabric with the top edge along the seventh row of shirring below the top ruffled edge. Pin the center front and back edges to the shirred area. Carefully flatten the fabric and pin the remaining front and back edges to the fabric keeping the fabric flat and the grain line straight. Pin the inside leg seam in place. Draw marks along the bottom edge of the pattern every 2" to 3".

5. Cut out along the pinned edges and remove the pattern. Draw a straight line connecting the marks at the bottom edge. Cut along the edge.

6. Measure the bust line and subtract about 4" for the open back. Draw a line on the pattern paper. Measure from the waist to the point above the bust for the top of the center front and add 2". Draw a line this length at one end of the bottom line for the center front. Draw a 1/4" long line at the top perpendicular to the center front. Draw a 7" line at the other end. Connect the lines as shown in the diagram. Add 1/4" seam allowance to the top edge. Compare this pattern to your body and make any adjustments so it fits. There is 1" allowed on each 7" edge for a hem. 

7. Cut one top placing the center front along the fold. Cut one 1-1/2" by 6-1/2" strip of fabric.

8. Follow steps 9 through 19 to make the romper. Stitch all seams right sides together using 5/8" seam allowance or the amount indicated on the pattern unless otherwise indicated.

9. Stitch the front and back leg edges together. Zigzag-finish the seam allowance.

10. Pin the front/back pieces together along the center seam. Match each elasticized row where they meet. Stitch the seam. If it’s necessary to make the waist area smaller, take in the center front and back seams a little at the top edge. Darts can also be used at the sides of the shirred section. Zigzag-finish the seam allowance.

11. Press under 1/2" then 1/2" again along the back edge of the top. Stitch along the inner edge of the hem. 

12. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and stitch 1/4" from the raw edges. Turn the tube right side out using a safety pin and press it so it is flat. Cut two 2" long loops and one 1 1/2" loop from the strip.

13. Fold the 2" loops in half and stitch them to the back edges 1/4" from the top edge. Fold the remaining strip in half and stitch it to the right side of the top center front 1/4" from the edge.

14. Cut a length of bias tape equal to the length of the top edge plus 2". Press open one fold of the tape. Pin the fold 1/4" from the top edge. Stitch along the fold.

15. Trim the ends of the tape 1/2" from the back edge of the fabric. Turn under the ends. Fold the bias tape to the wrong side, and stitch the lower edge in place.

16. Matching the center front, pin the top to the shorts stretching the shirring so the edges of the top end about 2" from the center back. Baste the top to the shorts using a 1/2" seam allowance. Try on the romper and make any adjustments needed. Stitch the seam. Zigzag-finish the entire seam allowance of the waist.

17. Turn under the seam allowance of the center back and stitch it in place.

18. Insert the elastic inside the casing formed by the bias tape using a safety pin and adjust it so it is gathered slightly and fits snuggly against your body. Stitch across the casing 1/2" from the center back edge. Trim the elastic. Place the cording through the center loop and insert the ends through the back loops. 

19. Press under 1/4" on the lower edge of the romper. Fold up the remainder of the hem as indicated on the pattern and stitch the top edge of the hem in place. 


Chain Addict Bracelet

•    Gold  wide chain
•    Gold fine chain 
•    Gold round texture chain
•    Gold AB box chain
•    Gold toggle clasp
•    Gold jump ring 5mm
•    Wire Cutters
•    Flat pliers


1.    Cut 1 segment of gold wide chain, 1 segment of gold fine chain, 1 segment gold round texture chain and 1 segment gold box chain, 6-1/2” long each.
2.    Attach jump rings to both ends of the box chain and fine chain segments.
3.    Using another jump ring attach all segments to toggle ends.  

Spike Girl Bracelet

Courtesy of Blue Moon Beads

•    Gold spike chain
•    Gold lobster clasp 12mm
•    Gold jump ring 5mm and 8mm
•    Wire Cutters
•    Flat pliers
•    Ruler
1.    Cut 1 segments of spike chain 7” long.
2.    Attach 2 8mm jump rings at each end of the chain.
3.    Add a 5mm jump ring to one end, and a lobster clasp and 1 5mm jump ring to the other end.