Ruffle Tube Scarf

Ruffle Tube Scarf

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Some Experience Necessary
Project Courtesy of: Lion Brand
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Additional Information



  • Lion Brand Imagine: Autumn Leaves, 1 hank or color of choice
  • Lion Brand knitting needles, size 4


About 4"x44"

This yarn is a tube. When knitting with it, insert needle through the threads of the yarn and through both layers of the tube.
Before beginning, spread apart the threads of the yarn with fingers.

Cast on 2 stitches. To cast on, insert needle into the center of the yarn close to one end, through both layers of the yarn tube and picking up a few threads for stability. You do not need to leave a beginning tail. Twist the yarn tube so that you can insert your needle into the opposite side and cast on one more stitch.
2. To knit the first stitch, hold the needle with the cast-on stitches in your left hand with the first stitch about 1 in from the top of the needle. Loop the yarn that goes from the bottom of the first stitch over the forefinger of right hand, and hold empty needle in right hand.
3. Insert the tip of the right hand needle into the stitch closest to the top of the left needle. Move left hand so that both needles are held in left hand between thumb and forefinger. Bring up the yarn on right forefinger and allow the right needle to pick up a few threads of this yarn on its tip.
4. Bring the right needle, with the few threads just picked up back through the stitch on the left needle and keeping the threads on the right needle in place, slide the stitch on the left needle off the top of the left needle. There is now one new stitch on the right needle and one old stitch on the left needle. Repeat the process to finish the first row.
5. Repeat Row 1 until almost all the yarn has been used.
6. Bind off by holding the needle with both stitches on it in right hand, and with the empty needle in left hand, insert the tip in the stitch furthest from the tip of the right needle and lift it up and over the previous stitch and off the needle. Then take the end of the yarn and pull it through the stitch remaining on the right needle.

Weave in ends.

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