Ruffled Rave Jean Jacket

Ruffled Rave Jean Jacket

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • Cotton jean jacket
  • 2 yds natural fiber scrap fabric: cotton, linen
  • 2 yds of 2" to 3" polyester or nylon lace
  • Needle & thread
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Scissors
  • Dense foam or sponge
  • Foam stamp: smaller works better
  • Paint palette or paper plate
  • Fine tip applicator bottle or fine line brush
  • 1/4" paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Sewing machine
  • Jacquard® fabric-crafting supplies:
    iDye: Pink, Violet
    Lumiere: True Gold, Pearlescent Magenta, Hi-Lite Violet
    Textile Color, Pink
  • Washing machine
  • Iron
DIRECTIONS: RS = Right side(s) WS = Wrong side(s)
1. Dye jacket & scrap fabric with iDye Pink in washing machine, following packet instructions. Hang or machine dry. Dye polyester or nylon lace with iDye Poly Violet, using the stove top method found inside the iDye Poly packet. If using a natural fiber lace, use regular iDye. Allow to dry. It is the nature of dyes to react differently with different fabrics. Any existing color in a fabric will affect the results when over-dyeing.

2. Cut off collar, leaving 1/2" from neck seam.

3. Cut off sleeves 15" to 16" from shoulder seam.

4. Cut waistband from jacket, right above top of waist band. Trim before dyeing or rewashing to create a fluffy fringe on the raw cut edges.

5. To make the lace & fabric ruffles on the sleeves & waist edge, calculate amount needed as follows: measure circumference of both sleeves, waist edge & neckline. Double the total sum to calculate amount of fabric required. Add 12" to18" allowance for adjustments.

6. From scrap fabric cut 3"-wide strips. Join lengths to create one long strip. Machine stitch lace & fabric strip together along the long edge.

7. To create sleeve ruffles, measure the circumference of each sleeve, double that amount to establish the length of ruffle required. Fold, RS together & stitch each piece along short edge to form a circle. Hand baste around the top edge. Mark ruffle at the halfway point from the seam.

8. Turn jacket inside out. On the sleeves mark 3/4" from raw edge. Pin RS of ruffle to WS of sleeve, starting at the inside seam. Pin at halfway point of sleeve & ruffle. Gently pull basting stitch & ease gathers evenly around the sleeve. Pin ruffle around sleeve, adjusting the gathers as necessary to create an even ruffle. Repeat for the 2nd sleeve. Machine stitch ruffles to the sleeves.

9. To make the waist ruffle, measure the jacket bottom & double that amount to establish the length of ruffle required. Join & baste as with the sleeves. Mark ruffle strip at the halfway point. Mark jacket 1/2" to 3/4" from raw edge.

10. At the WS waist edge, pin 1 end of ruffle material, with RS ruff to WS jacket, to front opening & other end to opposite opening edge. Pin & gather ruffle as with sleeves. Stitch.

11. The lace around the neck is different from that on the sleeves & waist. It had a prefinished edge and was pre-gathered, so the lace was hand stitched just to the back of the collar edge. If the same ruffle as is desired at the wrist & waist, use the directions for the bottom of the jacket.

12. Pour 1 tablespoon each of the Pink Textile Color & Lumiere Hi-Lite Violet onto a palette. Absorb a portion of the Pink into a dense sponge, to act as a stamp pad. Ink the stamp & stamp images around the waist edge of the jacket to create a border. Stamp one row with the Pink and one row with Hi-Lite Violet. Stamp image randomly on jacket.

13. With small flat paintbrush & Lumiere Pearlescent Magenta, paint a 1/4" band around the collar, along the front placket & the pocket edge .

14. Lightly pencil vine design along collar & front edge. Use Pearlescent Magenta with the fine tip applicator bottle or fine line brush to draw the vine design. Add vine leaves about the jacket body. In the same paint color, add centers to the bottom row of Pink-stamped flowers at the jacket waist.

15. Highlight some stamped flowers by outlining Pink- or Hi-Lite Violet-stamped flowers with a fine tipped applicator bottle or fine brush with the Lumiere True Gold. Add more vine leaves about the jacket body.

16. To ensure the paint on the jacket is colorfast in the washer, iron at high cotton setting, following the instructions on the Lumiere & Textile Color paint bottles.