Safari Tote

Safari Tote

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: DecoArt
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  • DecoArt Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Paint:
    Light Green
  • Medium tote, 13-1/2"x13-1/2"x4", pink
  • Two sheets of white felt
  • #6 flat brush
  • #1 liner brush
  • Paper towels
  • Water container
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • Tracing and transfer paper
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Two sheets of computer paper
  • Floss, black


Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.
1. Use pencil to draw designs onto computer paper, two animals per page. Refer to photo.
2. Use #6 flat brush to fill in tiger with Orange, leaving paper unpainted around mouth, fur on top of head, chest, and eyes.
3. Use #1 liner brush to fill tiger eyes with Light Green, nose and inside of ears with Pink; and outline, fill pupils, and add stripes with Black.
4. Use #6 flat brush to fill in cheetah with 1:1 mix of Yellow and part Brown, leaving area around mouth and chest blank and filling in with Yellow. Leave chin unpainted.
5. Use #1 liner brush to fill insides of cheetah ears with Pink, and all outlining, nose, ears, and spots with Brown. Use Black for iris and eye outline.
6. Use #6 flat brush to fill in giraffe, except mouth, with Yellow. Mouth paint Orange.
7. Use #1 liner brush to fill insides of giraffe ears Pink; eyes, horns, spots, and outlining, Brown; and pupil and eye outline, Black.
8. Use #1 liner brush on zebra to fill in ears and mouth with Pink; eyes with Turquoise; and outline, add stripes, and fill in pupils with Black.
9. After design is dry completely, turn iron to hottest cotton setting and let warm up. Place paper facedown on felt. Iron for 30 seconds. Remove paper and iron second piece on separate piece of felt for 30 seconds. (Hint: When ironing, keep iron moving to prevent burn or iron hole marks, but also be careful to not move paper or image will blur.)
10. Use scissors to cut animal squares out in twos.
11. Use hot glue gun to squares to center of tote with two on top and two on bottom.
12. Sew a running stitch with floss around each square.