Sailboat Canvases

Sailboat Canvases

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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  • Plaid FolkArt High Definition Paint: Aqua, Baby Pink, Burnt Sienna, Butter Pecan, Forest Moss, Green Forest, Fresh Foliage, Lavender, Magenta, Sunflower, Ultramarine Blue, Wicker White, Yellow Citron, Yellow Ochre
  • FolkArt One Stroke High Definition Visual Texture Paintbrush sets: detail, background & highlight
  • FolkArt One Stroke High Definition Visual Texture tool kit
  • Artist canvas: 16"x20", 9"x12"
  • Tacky glue


  1. Lay the smaller canvas on top of the larger canvas and mark for placement.
  2. Paint background of larger canvas 1st. Glue smaller canvas to larger & allow to dry. Paint background. Blend together.


  1. Use the following colors when creating the backgrounds: Sky: Lavender, Wicker White; Horizon: Ultramarine Blue, Wicker White, Aqua; Grassy area: Forest Moss, Yellow Citron, Baby Pink, Sunflower, Butter Pecan, Yellow Citron.
  2. Use flocked Texture Tool head to paint backgrounds, using a crisscross motion. Avoid over-blending colors.
  3. For the Grassy Area, apply extra Fresh Foliage to the lower left corner, with a touch of Butter Pecan and Yellow Citron. Allow all backgrounds to dry to the touch.


  1. Double-load 1" flat brush with Yellow Ochre and Wicker White. Using flat side of the brush, paint bottom of boats. Occasionally pick up Burnt Sienna and Sunflower to add definition & differentiate boats.
  2. Using same brush and colors, paint masts using the chisel edge of the brush.
  3. Load 1" flat brush with Wicker White. Using flat side of brush, paint sails. Pick up touch of Lavender & Butter Pecan; stroke over sails to add color and create folds. Use chisel edge of brush to pull ropes on sailboat in the foreground. Use #10 flat brush & the same colors and techniques to paint smaller boat on larger canvas.


  1. Stems & Grass: Double load 1" flat brush with Fresh Foliage & Yellow Citron. Using chisel edge & heavy pressure, pull grass blades up from bottom. Use heavy pressure to make blades wide & use less pressure to make blades thin.
  2. Flowers: Double load #16 flat brush with Magenta & Baby Pink. Using flat side of brush, paint the flowers. Double load #16 flat brush with Sunflower & Butter Pecan. Dabbing lightly on chisel edge, add centers to flowers. Occasionally pick up touch of Wicker White to highlight.