Santa Fe Ensemble

Santa Fe Ensemble

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Advantus/Sulyn
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Additional Information



  • Jewelry Fundamentals:
    Silver Plated Dangle Bracelet Cards (2)
    Earring Assortment Pack (1)
    Cords & More 3mm Suede Cord Variety Pack – Santa Fe (1)
    Cords & More Basic Cord Finding Sets Pack – White Nickel (1)
  • Advantus/Sulyn:
    12" Beach House Splatter Beads Strand (1)
    12" Red Orange Marble Small Glass Beads Strand (1)
  • Crimp bead & crimp bead covers pack – silver finish (1)
  • 12mm silver finish jump rings (6)
  • 24" tigertail
  • Crimper
  • Pliers (needle nose & round nose)
  • Jewelry glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Remove toggle clasps from bracelet leaving only the chain.
2. Attach 12" of tigertail to one of the end links of chain using a crimp bead and cover.
3. String on beads.
4. Attach to the other end of chain using a crimp bead and cover.
5. Feed extra tigertail through the strung beads and trim excess.
6. Cut 20" of each color of suede cord.
7. Attach cord finding to each end of cords.
8. Remove clasps and jump rings from cord findings.
9. Attach one jump ring for each end of cord; 3 cords in each jump ring.
10. Attach suede cords to chain by measuring 4-1/2" from one end of cord and making a knot on the end link.
11. Straighten cord along the length of chain and make another knot at the other end link.
12. Attach toggle clasp to jump rings.

Cut 7" of each color of suede cord.
2. Repeat steps 7-9 from the necklace directions.
3. Attach to jump rings on bracelet.
4. Cut 12" of tigertail and attach to one of the bracelet jump rings using crimp bead and cover.
5. String on beads to measure 7-1/4".
6. Attach to opposite jump ring of bracelet using crimp bead and cover.
7. Feed extra tigertail back through the strung beads and trim excess.

For each earring attach 3 jump rings to each other and then attach to earwires.
2. Make 3 wrapped loop charms for each earring and attach one charm to each jump ring.
3. Secure closed points of jump rings with a dab of jewelry glue.