Santa Rosa Quilt

Santa Rosa Quilt

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Editions
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  • Fabric Central Neutral Mediterranean fabrics: Two 5-pc Fat Quarters bundles: use 2 Fat Quarters from each By-the-Yard fabrics, 1/2 yd each: Floral Lead, Simple Flower, Modern Floral, Leafy Paisley
  • 3-1/4 yds fabric for backing
  • 1/2 yd fabric for binding
  • 1/2 yd fusible web
  • Batting, 56" square
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat, acrylic ruler
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine: walking or even-feed foot
  • Iron, pressing surface

SIZE: Finished size 48"x48".


1/4" seam allowance unless noted. WOF=Width of Fabric. WS=Wrong Side(s). RS=Right Sides. Refer to diagrams in pdf.


From inside block of Fat Quarters cut: eight 2-1/2"x8-1/2" ; eight 2-1/2"x5" pieces.
From outside block of Floral Lead cut: eight 2-1/2"x12-1/2" ; eight 2-1/2"x9" & four 4-1/2"x5" pieces.
From outside block of Simple Flower cut: eight 2-1/2"x12-1/2" ; eight 2-1/2"x9" & four 4-1/2"x5" pieces.
From outside block of Modern Floral cut: eight 2-1/2"x12-1/2" ; eight 2-1/2"x9" & four 4-1/2"x5" pieces.
From outside block of Leafy Paisley cut: eight 2-1/2"x12-1/2"; eight 2-1/2"x9" & four 4-1/2"x5" pieces.
From binding fabric cut: six 2-1/2"xWOF strips.
From backing fabric cut: two 54"xWOF pieces. Remove selvages.

BLOCKS A, B, C & D: Make 4 of each.

Each block is made up of 2 fabrics, the inside from a Fat Quarter and the outside from a Half Yard. Separate the pieces cut above into groups to make Blocks A, B, C & D (Diagram 1). Pin & sew a 2-1/2"x 5" piece to the top and bottom of the 4"x5" piece. Press seams toward the strips. Add the 2-1/2"x8-1/2" strips to each side. Press toward the strips. Change colors. Add the 2-1/2"x9" strips to the top & bottom. Press toward the strips. Add 2-1/2"x12-1/2" strips to each side. Press toward the strips (Diagram 2). Completed block measures 12-1/2"x13".

CENTER CIRCLE APPLIQUE: Refer to photo/pdf.

Trace 16 units of Template A onto the paper side of fusible web. Cut apart 1/8" from drawn line. For less stiffness, cut away the center of each oval, leaving a 1/2" allowance. Fuse 4 pieces each, following to manufacturer's instructions, to the WS of the 4 remaining Fat Quarter fabrics. Cut out each oval on the drawn line & remove paper backing. Orient the blocks so the 13" side is horizontal before fusing the ovals onto them. Center each oval in the middle of each block, 5/8" from each strip surrounding the square. Match the center oval fabric to the inner fabric. Fuse to the background fabric following manufacturer's instructions (Diagram 3). Stitch around each applique using a machine satin or buttonhole stitch.


Orient the blocks so 13" side is horizontal. Use rotary cutter & ruler to cut each block in half vertically through the center, at the 6-1/2" mark (Diagram 4). Rearrange blocks to make 8 each of the 4 combinations (Diagram 5). Stitch block halves together, matching seams & center circle. Press seam open. Arrange blocks (Diagram 6). Sew each row of blocks together. Press seams in 1 direction. Stitch the 4 columns together. Press seams in same direction. Completed quilt top measures 48"x48".


Cut fabric in half lengthwise into two 58"xWOF pieces. Sew the two pieces together along the 58" side. Press seam open. Cut off excess length to square the backing. Layer backing WS up with batting quilt top RS up. Baste layers together. Quilt using a walking/even-feed foot. Trim excess batting & backing.


Make binding from the six 2-1/2"xWOF strips. Trim selvages from the ends of the strips. Sew the 2-1/2" ends together to make a continuous length. Press seams open. On one 2-1/2" end, fold 1/2" to WS of fabric to finish raw edges of binding. Press. Fold strip in half lengthwise, WS together. Press. Start with the finished end of binding; leave 5" tail unsewn. Align raw edges of binding with raw edges of quilt. Sew with a walking or even-feed foot; miter the corners. Stop a few inches before the beginning of the binding. Trim excess binding. Tuck raw end inside folded end of binding. Complete stitching. Turn folded edge to back of quilt to cover stitching. Pin in place. Hand- or machine-sew along binding fold to enclose raw edges.