Sashay Charm Necklace

Sashay Charm Necklace

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  • Red Heart® Boutique™ Sashay® SequinsTM: 1 ball of Champagne
  • Two 21" lengths of curb link chain (or desired finished length)
  • Jewelry clasp
  • 9 assorted charms
  • Yarn needle
  • White all-purpose glue
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick or ruler


1. Cut a length of yarn that measures 1 yd. Thread yarn needle with length of yarn.
2. Hold two lengths of curb link chain together; sew a whipstitch through every other hole of chain with length of yarn, leaving a 4" length to secure end. Cut yarn, leaving a 4" length at opposite end.
3. Knot the yarn at either end of the chain to secure, then dab with glue. Trim knotted ends once glue is dry.
4. Add the clasp to one end of the chain.
5. Using photo as a guide, add charms to center section of chain as desired.

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