Screen-Printed Mini Tote

Screen-Printed Mini Tote

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Provo Craft
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Additional Information



  • Yudu personal screen printer
  • Yudu black ink
  • Yudu Organic Kit
  • Canvas mini tote
  • Painter's tape
  • 1 sheet White paper
  • Iron


    1. Cover screen with emulsion following Yudu packaging instructions.
    2. Take pre-printed image from Organic Kit.*
    3. Place pre-printed transparency on Yudu machine. Place screen on top of transparency, emulsion side down.
    4. Place platen/pressure panel on top to block light. Close lid and expose screen to light by pressing the expose button. The light will automatically come on and a timer will start.
    5. Yudu printer will beep when exposure is complete. Wash screen in cool water until image is transparent. Let screen dry.
    6. Take dried screen and place tape on screen around the border edges to prevent ink from seeping through. Tape over the pre-printed art that you are not using.
    7. Place platen on machine, adhesive side up.
    8. Center mini tote on top of platen. Close lid and place screen on top of lid. Adjust position of mini tote to center image.
    9. Squeeze a large bead of ink across the top of the image, from edge to edge.
    10. Lift lid slightly. Spread ink across screen with squeegee to "flood" or "prep the image".
    11. Place lid down on Yudu machine. With both hands on the squeegee, firmly spread ink across the image a second time. Use an even amount of pressure on the squeegee while pulling the ink.
    12. Pull up lid and take out mini tote to dry. Once the image on tote is dry, place paper over the image and press with hot iron for three minutes to set the image permanently.
    13. *You can use your own image for this project, too. Simply select an image and copy it onto a transparency following the instructions on the packaging.