Seaside Ensemble

Seaside Ensemble

Project Courtesy of: Sulyn/Advantus Corp.
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  • 2 oz Fine Glitter Stacker Jars: Chocolate, Aquamarine
  • 1/2" wide red liner tape
  • Glue for glittering
  • 3½" square wood frame
  • 3 beige 6" candles
  • 5"x14" wood candle tray
  • Shells & wood beads
  • Brown raffia
  • 20-gauge Sea Green wire
  • Clean white sand
  • Blue glass bubbles
  • 1/4 yd muslin
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks


1. Refer to photo. Use red liner tape to mark the area on the frame where brown glitter stripe will be located.
2. Paint glue for glittering around tape, and over the top and sides of frame, except in the area marked with the red liner tape. Shake on Aquamarine fine glitter; shake off excess and allow to dry.
3. Peel off red liner tape. Sprinkle sticky tape with Chocolate fine glitter; shake off excess.
4. Create a rag bow or flower embellishment from the muslin; glue to top left. Add raffia shoestring bow tucked under the embellishment. String a piece of wire with shells and beads; hot glue in place under the embellishment.
5. Cut three 11"x3" strips of muslin. Wrap candles, glue in place with hot glue gun.
6. Twist wire around finger or a pencil to make it loopy. Wrap each candle, twist and secure. Add beads and shells around candles with wire.
7. Wrap raffia around candles.
8. Brush glue for glittering around top edge of tray. Shake on Aquamarine fine glitter. Allow to dry; shake off excess. Brush glue for glittering around bottom edge of tray. Shake on Chocolate fine glitter. Allow to dry, shake off excess.
9. Place candles in tray, add sand to bottom of tray. Add glass bubbles and a few seashells.