Sewing Rick Rack

Sewing Rick Rack

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Sewing Rickrack

  • Wash, dry and press rickrack before sewing it to the project.
  • To hold the rickrack in place for sewing use Wash Away Wonder Tape. It’s much easier and more accurate than using pins. A fabric glue stick works as well; just wait until the glue is dry before sewing.
  • Sew a straight stitch down the middle of the rickrack to hold it in place.
  • Use matching thread or invisible thread when applying the rickrack to the surface of a project.
  • Rickrack can be applied in several ways for different looks.
    • It can be sewn with a straight stitch on the top side of fabric so the entire zig-zag shape is seen.
    • It can be inserted into a seam and only half of the rick rack shows, making points along the seam.
    • It can be sewn along the inside at the bottom of a finished hem so only the points peak out below the hem.