Sewn Plush Owl

Sewn Plush Owl

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fiskars
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Additional Information


Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears (8”)
Cutting Mat (24” x 36”)
Circle Shape Template
Paper Edger-Scallop
(10) 1” square pieces of fabric
Color coordinated felt
2 large buttons
(3) pieces of 24” long ribbon
Iron and pressing surface
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies

1. Trace owl template – 2: head; 2: body; 1 beak and 4 wings onto fabric.
2. Cut out pattern pieces with Fiskars® Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears (8”).
3. Cut out 2 pieces of thin fusible fleece or batting 1/8” smaller than the wing.
4. Layer the pattern fabric with right sides facing in and with the fleece on top, then stitch around the edge leaving a 1-1/2” opening.
5. Turn out the wing and push out the edges. Iron flat and set aside.
6. Place right sides of the head and body pieces together and stitch straight edge where owl’s head will meet the body. Open seam and press flat. Repeat for owl’s backside.
7. Pleat ribbon, pin in place on the body of the owl and stitch across.
8. Use Fiskars® Circle Shape Template to trace two large and two medium circles on felt.
9. Cut the largest circles with Fiskars® Paper Edger-Scallop. Layer and stitch together the eyes. Add a button for the pupil. Stitch on to owl’s face.
10. Cut nose from yellow orange felt and stitch to center of face.
11. Align and lay down the right sides of owl together and with the wings positioned with the raw edges along the edges of the owl body. Note the wings will be on the inside while stitching the owl closed.
12. Stitch around the owl outline - be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end – leaving a 1” to 2” opening.
13. Carefully turn out the owl and stuff with fiberfill.