Shark Sock Puppet

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Sock Puppet Shark Kit

Sock puppet body pack of choice

Double sided tape



1.  Pre-assemble the puppet components. Refer to photo.

2.  Put the sock onto free hand. Use the tabs of double sided tape to attach the pieces to the puppet. Start by sticking the poms onto the head. Attach eyes to the front of the poms.

3.  The shark fins have tabs for the tape; attach them to either side of the mouth. Separate the top fin tabs, tape and attach to the top of the head with the front of the fin coming just between the poms. Attach the tail about 2” down the back.

4.  Attach eyebrows just above eyes.

5.   Remove the puppet from hand. Roll the tape tabs and place along the edges of the teeth. Press the teeth along the edges of the top and bottom of the mouth.



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