Shirred Shibori Tie-Dyed T-shirt

Shirred Shibori Tie-Dyed T-shirt

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Rit Dye
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Additional Information

1 skill
Projectourtesyfit Dye
SupplieS & ToolS:

Rit Liquid Dye: teal & fuchsia

Iron, pressing surface

Jerzees fit ed T-shirt: 100% cot on, white

Rubber bands

Wrights Iron-On Star Appliques

Plastic wrap

Measuring cup

Paper towels

2 disposable plastic containers: 4 to 6 cup size

Rubber gloves

Disposable plastic spoons

Plastic cover to protect table

Shallow dish or disposable container: microwave-safe
Marking pencil & 6" sewing gauge

Heavyweight thread & needle for hand sewing

Microwave oven

Washing machine & dryer
Directions: Referohoto.rewash & dry T-shirt to remove finishes that interfere with dye absorption.
1. Cover table with plastic sheet or tablecloth.
2. Draw a chalk line 2" to 3" from each side of the shirt, curve line through sleeve area to sleeve hem.
3. Using heavyweight thread sew 1/2" running stitch through both layers of shirt along chalk lines.
4. Pull thread tight to gather fabric along sides; wrap 2 rubber bands tightly over gathered lines of stitching.
5. Dip shirt in water; squeeze out excess. Set aside.
6. To prepare Rit dye, heat water in the microwave to at least 140 F. Wearing rubber gloves, measure &
mix liquid dye the following amounts in disposable containers: 1/4 cup teal with 2 cups hot water;
1/2 cup fuchsia with 2 cups hot water. Stir well.
7. Wear rubber gloves; immerse wet T-shirt in teal dye. Push down on shirt so dye penetrates fabric.
Remove shirt; squeeze out excess dye.
8. Dip gathered sides of shirt in fuchsia dye. Squeeze out excess dye.
9. Place shirt in shal ow dish; cover with plastic wrap. Cover bot om of microwave with paper towels.
10. Place plastic-wrapped dish with shirt in microwave. Set on High for 2 minutes. Use potholder to remove
from microwave. Remove plastic wrap. Al ow to cool.
11. Remove rubber bands & thread. Rinse shirt under cool running water until water runs clear.
Wash in warm water & detergent; rinse & dry.
12. Iron star appliques to shirt, following manufacturers directions.
Skill Level 1: No Experience Necessary
Approximate Crafting Time: 1 hour
Please read and follow all manufacturers instructions for all tools and materials used.
Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.
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Demo date 6/26/10