Shooting Star Wall Art

Shooting Star Wall Art

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: FloraCraft
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Additional Information



  • FloraCraft&foam sheet: 1&x12&x36&
  • Satin Fabric: (1/2 yard) Silver (9&x9&) Champagne
  • Glitter Eyelash Yarn: brown
  • Yarn: brown with copper metallic thread
  • Straight pins: 1-1/4&
  • Cardstock
  • StyroCutter&Plus
  • Low-temp glue gun glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


1. Draw an asymmetrical star onto a piece of cardstock and cut out to use as a template. The widest point of the star should be about 9&. Pin the template to the foam sheet, about 4&in from one end. Following the packaging instructions carefully, use the StyroCutter&Plus to cut the star out of the foam. Pierce the foam with the blade and use the template as a guide to cut a clean, straight edge.
2. Center a piece of 16&x40&silver satin fabric over the foam sheet and wrap around the edges, as if it were a gift. Secure the satin at the back of the sheet with glue.
3. Clip the satin at the center of the star opening. Trim back the satin gluing it down around the inside edges of the star to conceal the foam. At the points of the star, pleat the satin so that it lies flat.
4. Insert pins around the front outside edge of the star about 1/2&apart. Insert pins around the front outside edge of the foam sheet about 1/2&apart as well.
5. Tie one end of the brown/metallic yarn to a pin and begin stringing from the outside edge, to the star and then back to the outside edge. Make a starburst pattern around the star from pin to pin. Several wraps of yarn may be required on one pin to maintain the angles as desired. Alternate brown yarn with the eyelash yarn to create a more interesting look.
6. Tie the end of the glitter eyelash yarn to one corner of the sheet. Wrap around the next pin and then the next to outline the entire foam sheet. Repeat this to outline the star.
7. Glue the 9&square of champagne/gold satin to the back of the foam sheet, showing through the star opening.