Showcase Bath Ensemble

Showcase Bath Ensemble

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 2-1/3 yds each Quilter's Showcase fabrics: 10 coordinating prints
  • 4 yds fabric for lining
  • 2 yds fusible interfacing
  • 12 Dritz Home curtain grommets, size 1-9/16"
  • Basic sewing and quilting supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, pressing surface



  • One bath towel
  • Assorted fabrics
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


  • One bath mat
  • Assorted fabrics
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


Refer to photo. Use 1/4" seam allowance throughout, unless directed otherwise.

  1. Cut: Strip 1: 8-1/2"x73"
    Strip 2: 6-1/2"x73"
    Strip 3: 4-1/2"73"
    Strip 4: 8-1/2"x73"
    Strip 5: 4-1/2"x73"
    Strip 6: 6-1/2"x73"
    Strip 7: 2-1/2"x73"
    Strip 8: 8-1/2"x73"
    Strip 9: 10-1/2"x73"
    Strip 10: 8-1/2"x73"
    Strip 11: 4-1/2"x73"
    Strip 12: 8-1/2"x73"
  2. Right sides together, stitch strips and press seam allowances toward darker strip.
  3. From the large pieced unit, cut one 64" section and one 8-1/2" section. Cuts will be perpendicular to the seams.
  4. From fabric used for Strip 3, cut one 6-1/2"x76" strip.
  5. Stitch the 6-1/2"x76" strip to the top of the larger pieced section. Stitch the 8-1/2" pieced section to the top of the larger pieced unit.
  6. To hem bottom edge, fold up bottom edge 3". Press. Fold up pressed edge another 3" (6" total). Press and stitch along upper edge to secure hem. Set aside.
  7. From lining fabric, make 71"x76" rectangle, piecing as necessary.
  8. Hem bottom edge of lining as in Step 6 above.
  9. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse interfacing to the wrong side at the top of the lining.
  10. With right sides together and matching centers, stitch the top of the lining to the top of the pieced unit. Press seam allowance toward lining and under-stitch.
  11. Press and turn lining to the back of the pieced unit. If desired, stitch in the ditch between the top pieced section and the solid horizontal strip to secure interfacing and lining to the pieced top.
  12. Hem side folding in 1" along the side of the pieced unit. Press and fold one inch again. Cover lining edges with folded edge, stitch side hem. Repeat for 2nd side.
  13. Follow manufacturer's instructions when placing template center 2-1/2" from top edge, evenly spaced. Install grommets. Center side grommets 2-1/2" from each side edge. Place remaining grommets 6" apart.



  1. 1. Use the fabrics in the same order as the showeer curtain.
    Cut: Strip 1: 43/4"x3"
    Strip 2: 3-3/4"x3"
    Strip 3: 2-3/4"x3"
    Strip 4: 4-3/4"x3"
    Strip 5: 2-3/4"x3"
    Strip 6: 3-3/4"x3"
    Strip 7: 1-3/4"x3"
    Strip 8: 4-3/4"x3"
    Strip 9: 5-3/4"x3"
    Strip 10: 4-3/4"x3"
    Strip 11: 2-3/4"x3"
    Strip 12: 4-3/4"x3"
  2. Stitch pieces together along 3" edges.
  3. Measure width of towel. Trim pieced strip to (Width of the towel plus 1"). Cut a 1-1/2" strip of fabric the width of the towel plus 1". Right sides together, stitch 1-1/2" strip to the pieced unit.
  4. Press 1/4" along both of the long edges.
  5. Pin to towel, folding in short side edges. Stitch pieced unit to the towel.


  1. For the pieced strip, follow directions as for the Strip-embellished Towel.
  2. For the solid strip, cut one strip 3-1/2"x(Width of bath mat plus 1"). Fold and press 1/4" along long edges. Stitch to bath mat; fold in short edges and place strip 4" from edge of bath mat.
  3. Repeat for the pieced strip, placing it in opposite direction from solid strip.