Silver and Emerald Glitz Jewelry

Silver and Emerald Glitz Jewelry

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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  • 4 packs sterling plated Swarovski Elements 6mm rondelle spacer
  • 4 strands 14x14mm emerald glass beads 7" strands
  • 2 packs 2" sterling plated eyepins 20pcs/pkg
  • Sterling plated French earwires 10pcs/pkg
  • 16mm sterling plated rope toggle clasps 1set/pkg
  • 18" 80mm sterling plated cable necklace chain
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler


1. Cut the necklace chain 5" down from each clasp. Set the remaining piece aside.
2. To make a beaded connector: slide bead(s) onto headpin. Bend wire at a 90º angle right after the bead(s). Trim to 1/4", grab the end of the wire with the tip of the round nose pliers, and rotate inward to create a bead loop.
3. Make 14 short beaded connectors with 1 round emerald bead on each. Make 15 long beaded connectors with beads in this order: emerald rondelle, Swarovski rondelle, round emerald bead, Swarovski rondelle, emerald rondelle.
4. Attach 5 long beaded connectors in a line. Attach each end to each end of the necklace chains.
5. Attach 4 short beaded connectors so they hang down in between each long connector from Step 4.
6. Attach 3 long beaded connectors to the bottom loops of each dangling short connector from Step 5.
7. Repeat Step 5, this time attaching the 4 short connectors to the bottom loops from Step 6.
8. Repeat Step 6, attaching to the dangling short connectors from Step 7.
9. Attach 2 short connectors so they hang down in between each long connector from Step 8.
10. Connect the 2 bottom loops from the short dangling connectors with one long connector.
11. Attach the remaining long and short beaded connectors together in a line, alternating with the short connectors on the outsides.
12. Make 2 beaded connectors with 1 emerald rondelle on each. Attach an emerald rondelle connector to the outsides of the bracelet chain from Step 11. Attach both sides of the toggle clasp to the ends of the bracelet.
13. Make 2 beaded connectors with an emerald rondelle and a Swarovski rondelle on each. Cut the leftover chain from Step 1 into 4 equal sections. Fold each chain in half and attach 2 chains each to the Swarovski rondelle side of the beaded connectors. Attach the emerald rondelle sides to the loops on French earwires.

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