Silver and Suede Jewelry

Silver and Suede Jewelry

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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Additional Information



  • Silver plate chain
  • 2 pkgs Red suede lace
  • Silver rope toggle clasp
  • 2 Strands flat oval 12x9mm glass beads, Earth Tone
  • Bright silver 4mm jump rings
  • Big Value glass bead mix, Red
  • 2" Brass headpins, Nickel
  • 2" Brass eye pins, Nickel
  • Bright silver fishhook ear wires
  • Antique silver metal beads
  • 24 4mm Swarovski peridot crystal bicone
  • 6mm Light gray crystal pearls
  • 3-in-1 Tool



  1. String one of the suede laces through the connector on one half of toggle clasp and even the ends. Hold both laces together, knot in an overhand knot, sitting snug up against the clasp. Measure down the lace 10" and with laces together, knot again. Then separate laces and tie smaller knots in each individual lace 2-3 times, leaving uneven amounts of space in-between the knots. Trim the end of each lace on a diagonal.
  2. With the wire cutter on your 3-in-1 Tool, cut a 3" section of chain. Attach with jump ring to other half of toggle clasp.
  3. Make 5 or more colorful beaded connectors to place between sections of the chain. Here's how: On an eye pin, add your choice of beads in the order you want. Then use the rounded nose of the 3-in-1 Tool to make a loop on the straight end of the eye pin. Trim. Attach one end of bead connector to the end of the 3" chain segment and the other end to the beginning of the next chain segment, 1-1/8" in length.
  4. Continue combining connectors and chain lengths to attain desired length.
  5. To make dangles, create three beaded connectors mixed with chain. Attach the dangles together to last bead connector.


  1. Cut a 6" piece of suede lace. Thread through the loop on the fish hook earring. Even ends and tie knot as if tying a shoelace. Pull tightly and trim one end flush to knot. Cut end of dangling lace on a diagonal.
  2. Attach 3/4" section of chain to same loop on a fishhook earring with a jump ring.
  3. On an eye pin, add a crystal bicone, an antique silver bead and a round bumpy red glass bead. Make a loop, trim and attach to end of chain.
  4. On headpin, add a crystal bicone, a flat oval glass bead and another crystal bicone. Create a loop, trim and attach to eye pin. Repeat steps 1-4 to create second earring.