Silver Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Silver Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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Additional Information



  • Silver swirl bead caps
  • Silver filigree bead caps
  • Silver 4mm & 6mm beads
  • Smoky crystal teardrop beads
  • Smoky acrylic round beads
  • Smoky foiled glass beads
  • Silver eyepins
  • Black nickel 4mm & 6mm beads
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Clear stretchy cord
  • Clear tape
  • Bead glue


1. Create a connector by sliding two black nickel 4mm round metal beads, a foiled glass bead sandwiched by two bead caps, and two more black nickel beads onto an eyepin and forming a simple loop. Repeat to make 6 of these. These will be called “Foiled Bead Connectors.”
2. String a small filigree bead cap, smoky crystal teardrop, and one 4mm silver metal round bead onto an eyepin and forming a simple loop. Repeat to make 24 of these. These will be called “Teardrop Connectors.”
3. Cut a length of stretchy cord that is about 15" long. String a 4mm silver metal round bead, a facetted acrylic smoky bead sandwiched by two bead caps, and another 4mm round metal bead. This stringing pattern will be called “3-Piece Beads.”
4. Assemble it all. On stretchy cord after the first 3-Piece Bead Pattern, string one Teardrop Connector, one Foiled Bead Connector, one Teardrop Connector, then another 3-Piece Bead Pattern. Continue in this pattern until all 6 of the Foiled Bead Connectors are strung. End with a Teardrop Connector. Make sure the Teardrop Connectors are all strung so the skinnier end of the teardrop is nearest the cord.
5. Now there is a piece of stretchy cord with some beads strung onto it and some connectors hanging off of it. Add a piece of clear tape on either end of the cord. It will be tied up a bit later.
6. Add a jump ring to the open loop of the Teardrop Connectors, connecting it to its nearest twin so that together they form a “V” under the middle bead of the 3-piece bead pattern. Do this all around so the pairs of teardrops are connected.
7. To these same jump rings, add two more Teardrop Connectors, so that the assembly of four Teardrop Connectors now looks like an “X”. Repeat for the rest of the pairs of Teardrops.
8. Cut another length of stretchy cord that is about 15" long. Mirroring the pattern strung on the first cord, string the same pattern again, this time picking up the other side of the Foiled Bead Connectors and the open ends of the Teardrop Connectors.
9. Tie off each cord to itself. Trim the ends, add a drop of glue and hide the ends inside the nearest bead for a professional look.