Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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Additional Information



  • Silver round metal beads 4&6mm
  • Silver charm leafs
  • Silver charm hand/evil eye
  • Silver connector bar/5 loops
  • Silver spacer flowers
  • Silver spacer bar/5 loops
  • Silver jump rings 5mm
  • Silver tigertail
  • Silver crimp beads
  • Silver chain
  • Silver lobster clasp 12mm
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp pliers
  • Flat pliers


1. Cut 4 segments of tiger tail 25“ long each. Cut 1 segment of chain 2-1/2“ long.
2. Take 1 segment of tiger tail. String a crimp bead and then loop it around the first loop of the multi strand connector. Crimp and close using the crimping technique. String 4mm silver beads until 5“ in length. String through the first loop of the 5-hole spacer bar. Continue to add 6mm silver beads, spacer flowers, charm leafs, and a 5mm jump ring in between the charm leaves.
3. Repeat step 2, stringing the tigertail to the last loop of the silver connector bar. String the 4mm silver beads to make a 5-1/2“ long segment. String a crimp bead through the last loop of the 2nd multi strand connector bar.
4. Take 1 segment of tiger tail 25“ long, and fold it in half. String it through the middle holes of the spacer bar. String the 6mm silver beads and 4mm beads. String a crimp bead and crimp it to the middle loops of the multi strand bar that will connect to the clasp.
5. Use a 5mm jump ring to connect the end bars with the clasp. On the opposite end, use jump ring to connect the bar to the 2-1/2“ of chain. This will serve as the extender.
6. Use a jump ring to attach the hamsa hand focal in the middle of the piece.